The Other Side Paranormal Group is a ghost hunting events company organised by two paranormal sensitives who have investigated some of the most haunted locations in the UK.  With many more locations still to be investigated , and we welcome you to join us. We have a variety of ghost hunting events all over the UK  offering you an experience not to be forgotten.

We investigate, prisons, castles, pubs and Inns, abandoned hotels and asylums and many more. We also offer an optional sleepover on some of our events.

Everything  you experience on our ghost hunts will be your own feelings as our team will not fake any activity to make you believe otherwise. 

We have a firm behavior policy in place at all of our events for everybody’s health and safety and to ensure everybody is there for the right reasons and to ensure everyone enjoys the event. Anybody who is threatening the safety and enjoyment of the event will be politely asked to leave.