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Shrewsbury Prison

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  • 9:30pm - 03:00am
  • Sleepovers aren't available

HM Prison Shrewsbury opened in 1793 and was a category B/C men’s prison which closed in March 2013. The former prison site is near the site of the Dana Gaol, which was a medieval prison. The name Dana is still often used for the prison as well as being the name of the road to one side of the prison. Prisoners were transported to and from the prison via the station opposite and was used between 1868 and the first world war. The present building was constructed in 1877.

Between 1902 and 1961, seven people were executed by hanging within the walls of HMP Shrewsbury for the crime of murder. All executed prisoners were buried in unmarked graves within the prison grounds. In 2004 an inquiry was held following three inmates hanged themselves within two weeks of each other.

The ghosts of Shrewsbury prison are unknown as the prison itself has not been investigated thoroughly, which means we are still learning about who is creating so much havoc here. There are many bangs heard all around the prison, cell doors banging closed and the sounds of people wailing are what is making this location so popular for a paranormal investigation.

People have reported sighting somebody looking through the window of the execution area. There are areas within this prison that are terrifying and other areas which appear calm and this combination often leaves visitors confused and disorientated which could be why the ghosts at Shrewsbury prison are so difficult to work out.

Will you be brave enough to join us at the truly terrifying location?

What's Included?
  • Work in smaller and more personal groups
  • Take part in a variety of activities such as Ouija Boards, Glass Divination, Table Tipping, Seances etc.
  • Access to ghost hunting equipment such as K-II meters, EDI+ meters, Ghost Meters, Trigger Objects etc.
  • Opportunities to conduct lone vigils
  • A friendly and experienced team of investigators offering advice and support throughout the night
  • Hot and cold drinks and light snacks available throughout the night and included in the cost
  • Access to all areas of the hall made available to us
  • Qualified first aider present
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