‘Pippa’ – 09.12.2017 

‘These guys are great. I’ve been a few smaller ghost hunts with them and they are very professional, friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. Will definitely be going on more with them. Thanks lads’

‘Ann’- 21.01.2018

Had a great night with this team last night , Gareth & Jamie are fab , thanks guys I will be definitely doing a hunt with you again

‘GaryandJanice’- 22.01.2018

Amazing night with a great group

‘Daniel’ – 18.02.2018

Absolutely loved it. When I first started the night I was didn’t really believe in this sort of stuff but some of the things that happened thought out the night was crazy. It’s a must. the guys who run it where brilliant too.we where in Gareths group. Big thank you guys.

‘Anita’ – 18.02.2018

Highly recommend ghost hunting with these guys. What a great night and definitely had some hair raising moments. Thanks to Gareth and Jamie for being awesome.

‘Joe’ – 18.02.2018

Big Thank you to Gareth + Jamie for such a fab night at The Skirrid Inn in Abergavenny, met some awesome people too, look forward to seeing you all again.

‘Paula’ – 18.02.2018

Had a great night down the skirrid inn thanks to Gareth & Jamie for a brilliant night.

‘Zoe’ – 18.02.2018

Had a fantastic night last night at The Skirrid. So active. Cant wait for the next night……meow

‘Kevin’ – 10.03.2018

Thanks for an amazing time at Mill Street St Helens last night! I will definitely book on more forthcoming events.

‘Karen’ 11.03.2018

5* Such a great night! Thanks again

‘Lee’ 11.03.18

Absolutely fantastic team really enjoyed working with them highly recommend for anyone

‘JoJo’ 11.03.18

Had a brilliant night with these guys at Mill Street barracks very friendly and accommodating definitely recommend booking with them. I’m looking forward to doing other events with you. Thanks for an awesome night.

‘Mark’ 11.03.18

Thank you again for a most enjoyable and enlightening experience. Would recommend anyone to try this location with you guys and will be looking to return there again with you ourselves at some point. Cant wait for the next one. #TopParanormalHosts.

‘David’ 11.03.18

Cheers for last night guys. really enjoyed the experience and look forward to the next one

‘Jay’ 31.03.18

Fantastic night, out of all the hunts we have been on this was by far the most active, and I have to say that TOSPG are also by far the best team we have had the pleasure work with

‘Veronica’ 05.04.18

Thank you so much had an amazing night

Owen’ 05.04.18

Fantastic night! Thank you so much

‘Liam’ 05.04.18

Had a great night thank you to you both and it was great meeting everyone me and my wife will definitely be doing it again.

‘Chris’ 05.04.18

Thank you for a fab night. It was amazing

‘Michelle’ 13.04.18

Had a great night at the skirrid inn last night, Gareth and Jamie were fab thanks guys.

‘Tracie’ 15.04.18

Had hell of a gd night with Jamie and Gareth at the Skirrid Inn. Loved being able to do vigils with the group, go to the graveyard and then was able to go off on our own to do our own bit of hunting.

Would def recommend goin on any ghost hunt with The Other Side Paranormal Group! Cant wait to join them again for another hunt

‘Nicole’ 31.05.18

I can’t thank you both enough, my first ever ghost hunt and you’s made me feel so safe and at ease and put up with my whinging and basically sitting on your knees! You’s are amazing!! Thank you!

‘Kelsey’ 31.05.18

Great Hosts. Very professional, friendly and welcoming. Looked after us all really well. Highly recommended. Looking forward to seeing you again soon Jamie and Gareth

‘Naomi’ 01.06.18

Had an amazing night last night at 30 east drive thanks for making such an amazing night can’t wait to come back a lot of weird creepy things x

‘Rosie-Ann’ 23.06.18

Gareth & Jamie are friendly, experienced and knowledgeable paranormal investigators. Their locations are great with good facilities and they really encourage all guests to get involved. They have an ever widening range of equipment that they happily let you experiment with. I highly recommend them and can’t wait for the next event!
(Locations visited: 30 East Drive & Woodchester Mansion)

‘Carla’ 21.07.18

Visited The Ancient Ram Inn last night & it did not disappoint. I was well impressed with Gareth & Jamie, such a professional company. Well organised & structured. Can’t wait to book another hunt with your company

‘Stacey’ 27.07.18

Great night, with a great bunch of people, loads of activity

‘Melissa’ 27.07.18

Last night at Gresley Old Hall was brilliant. It was my first time ghost hunting and I was really nervous but the guests and the team looked after me and I had a brilliant night and amazing experience! Thank you!

‘Jeannie’ 07.10.18

Thank you for a great night guys, the table tipping was brill and it was great doing ouiji board I got a great message from my mum letting me know she was around. Any one who as never been on a ghost hunt at winter gardens must go it was a brill night and I will be going to this again and many more.

‘Neil’ 24.10.18

Last night was our first experience of ghost hunting. We had wanted to do it for a while and 30 East Drive was on our must do list. I don’t normally write reviews, but we had such a fantastic time and genuinely want to thank both Gareth and Jamie for their hospitality, knowledge and professionalism. Such an amazing experience and can’t wait for the next one!

‘Sarah’ 01.11.18

Thank you for an awesome night guys At the park hotel you won’t be disappointed! very professional team it’s was great thank you!

‘Terry’ 02.11.18

Very informative and friendly people and offer great deals for every budget

‘Vickie’ 03.11.18

Been on a couple of hunts with these guys and they definitely are by far the BEST! So chilled and relaxed with guests, timings on events and bring so much energy for the guests to enjoy! Newsham Park was amazing with these guys and I’ve been lots of others times with different companies! Can’t wait for east drive!

‘Teri’ 01.12.18

Thank you so much! We had the most amazing time, the hosts were outstanding and patient with us, and our singing! We would book and will book again if you’ll have us haha

‘Brenda’ 17.02.19

First time with these guys at Steel House Lane Lock Up. Great night with a very professional team who were very welcoming. Will definitely be going again with them 👻👻👻
Keep up the good work TOSPG

‘Lauren’ 02.03.19

Had such a great experience and brill night! Even made a little friend “Henry” 😱👻

‘Lauren’ 09.03.19

Great team of people and had so many amazing experiences on there ghost hunts. Would highly recommend going on one of there ghost hunts 👻

‘Mick’ 16.03.19

Just come back from a visit to old Gresley hall absolute fantastic group of guys well worth going on a vigel with this group

‘Mary’ 16.03.19

Great night with some amazing activity. Left feeling overwhelmed with varying emotions and loved the amount of taps, sounds, sights and feelings that were off the scale. Great team and will definitely be booking with you guys again.

‘Sarah’ 16.03.19

Great night, another one here that was a bit sceptical but some of my experiences had no explanation. Been to investigations with a couple of other groups and this was by far the best.

‘Matthew’ 23.03.19

A fantastic night and a great paranormal team to work with.

‘Michelle’ 23.03.19

Excellent vigil at the Ragged School venue this weekend. A warm welcome, our hosts looked after us well and such lovely fellow guests.
A very active site with many spirits interacting with us all.
A first class experience.
We’ve already booked our next trip….30 east st.
See you there guys x

‘Lynn’ 30.03.19

Kielder Castle was a brilliant experience. All of the team members were really professional, they let the guests do the investigation. My only regret is that I don’t drive or I would definitely go to their other locations. Probably see you again at Kielder though.

‘Cheryl’ 30.03.19

Brilliant team. Very friendly and obviously passionate about what they do! I attended kielder castle and the whole event was very well organised and ran smoothly…. lots of activity too which was a bonus! I would recommend The other side Paranormal Group and will be booking again

‘Julie’ 30.03.19

Had such a fantastic night last night , Thankyou so much to the team for a well organised event.

‘Nicole’ 11.05.19

30 east drive ghost hunt was amazing. the team was brilliant!!!

‘Tricia’ 30.05.19

30 East Drive last night was my first ghost hunt and it didn’t fail to give me an unbelievable experience…The team were professional, organised, supportive and very informative about the location… I would highly recommend and will be back to repeat the experience at 30 East Drive along with some of their other locations..